Food: Where the personal becomes political

Mike Small gave an inspiring talk on Monday on the Fife Diet project. Next Month the group agreed to make a shared meal of a Forth Valley Diet. There will hopefully be soup, salads and a sweet. Lets see what we can do- all welcome:

Corrie Adds:

Just to follow up from Mondays's meeting, Mike Small from the Fife diet has sent me some recipes for Scottish vegetables that are currently in season:

Parsnip Soup & Baked Eggs and Kale

Mini Pasties with Oatmeal Pastry


Vegetables a la Polonaise

He would welcome feedback on any of the recipes if anyone tries them. Just add this to his website http://fifediet.wordpress.com.

I also promised details of the event we have been invited to later in the month. It is for a charity called Braveheart who support people in the Forth Valley area who have heart problems and to this end they hold a yearly event entitled the "Healthy Living Event". This year's event is taking place on Tuesday 27th May from 6.30pm to 9.30pm in Falkirk Town Hall. It aims to bring in local services and support mechanisms to help people live a healthier lifestyle. Last year's event attracted approximately 200 participants and they hope to build on this. We hope to have a stand looking at the heath benefits associated with cycling, organic food and local food.If anyone is interested in attending and helping out on the stall, even for a short time, do let me know.

Lastly another date for your diary is May 12 when the Falkirk Allotment Society is holding an open meeting on at 7.30 in the Christian Centre, Glebe Street, Falkirk

They will have a display of information they have gathered during their research into allotments over the last year. There are growing levels of interest in allotments in Falkirk and they hope you will join them for some refreshments and a chat.


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