This is a Garden not and Ashtray

some artwork for our new garden in the town centre


At the start of May I went to the garden with a bag of water to try and save the plants we had planted at the April group meeting. Kevin had been and planted the lavender hedgeand it was great to see the latest development on the site. As it had been dry for a week I started to give everything a fair share of water i had taken with me. One of our neighbours came out and asked where my bike was and asked about the garden- were we the council? When I gave him some information he told me his garage is the one behind the garden and it has a TAP. Did I want to use it. Not only did it have a tap it had a hose and he said it should reach the garden- and it did. So I socked the garden. He said I he would try and give it a water if it stays dry. Result- community participation with the most precious of support- WATER.