There are no specific issues on the Agenda for this months meeting. As usual all are welcome, if you have an environmental issue you want to discuss come along.


Alternate weekly collection

There has been a lot of coverage in the press recently about alternate weekly rubbish collection schemes similar to that currently used in most of Falkirk. There seems to be a growing number of people raising concerns over smells, vermin, insects, and disease.

While I can understand some of the concerns, especially as this is much of the media this is sold as a simple story of council cutting services, in some areas concern is being replaced by a level of hysteria which is difficult to believe. I feel that the advantages of a separate bi-weekly recycling service isn't being communicated well to the public. AFAIK most of the schemes proposed would work in a similar way to our local system.

As this scheme has been in place in Falkirk for some time it might be worth while trying to pass our experiences of the scheme onto some who just can't believe that civilisation will survive only having a waste bin collected once a fortnight.

The following site seems to be one woman's battle against bi-weekly waste collection. The forum is free and no registration is required so I decided to share my positive experience of our waste collection system. Some how I don't think this is likely to persuade her, it may however make others who come across the site think.


I think there may be room here for some concerted action to try and get the good news story of AWC out to the public. My suggestion is where you find discussion add note of your experiences, I'm sure the debate will be going on in many blogs and discussion groups.


Climate change vs Peak oil

There has been an interesting discussion on the Transition Culture blog about the subjects of Climate change and Peak oil. There is often debate about whether these issues are complimentary and should be used together in campaigning for change or should be seperated. Generally the latter view is more common amoung those who campaign against Climate change and see Peak oil as either irrelevant or worse as a potential threat to action.

George Monbiot on peak oil and transition towns

There is some interesting counter arguments to George Monbiot's talk in the discussion that follows the post and also a more detailed response later by Chris Vernon of the oil drum europe.


Scottish Parliament Hustings*

Hosted by Friends of the Earth Falkirk & Falkirk Churches Together
On Thursday 19th April 2007 7-9pm at the Salvation Army Hall
Woodside Court (off High Station Road), Falkirk.
Chaired by Ian Scott.

Falkirk East candidates
  • Annabelle Ewing SNP
  • Nataliee Maver Liberal Democrats
  • Cathy Peattie Labour
  • Stephen O'Rourke Conservatives

Falkirk West candidates

  • Scott Campbell Conservatives
  • Callum Chonczuk LibDem
  • Dennis Goldie Labour Party
  • Michael Matheson SNP
Regional List candidates
  • David Robertson Green Party
  • Tom Selfridge Scottish Christian Party
  • Lynn Sheridan Solidarity
  • Mary Straub Scottish Socialist Party
*All the political parties standing in the Falkirk Area have been invited to represent their views.