Scottish Parliament Hustings*

Hosted by Friends of the Earth Falkirk & Falkirk Churches Together
On Thursday 19th April 2007 7-9pm at the Salvation Army Hall
Woodside Court (off High Station Road), Falkirk.
Chaired by Ian Scott.

Falkirk East candidates
  • Annabelle Ewing SNP
  • Nataliee Maver Liberal Democrats
  • Cathy Peattie Labour
  • Stephen O'Rourke Conservatives

Falkirk West candidates

  • Scott Campbell Conservatives
  • Callum Chonczuk LibDem
  • Dennis Goldie Labour Party
  • Michael Matheson SNP
Regional List candidates
  • David Robertson Green Party
  • Tom Selfridge Scottish Christian Party
  • Lynn Sheridan Solidarity
  • Mary Straub Scottish Socialist Party
*All the political parties standing in the Falkirk Area have been invited to represent their views.

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