Climate change vs Peak oil

There has been an interesting discussion on the Transition Culture blog about the subjects of Climate change and Peak oil. There is often debate about whether these issues are complimentary and should be used together in campaigning for change or should be seperated. Generally the latter view is more common amoung those who campaign against Climate change and see Peak oil as either irrelevant or worse as a potential threat to action.

George Monbiot on peak oil and transition towns

There is some interesting counter arguments to George Monbiot's talk in the discussion that follows the post and also a more detailed response later by Chris Vernon of the oil drum europe.

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TruthTeller said...

Don't be fooled by the elites: the sheep are being repeatedly told to believe their living standards need to be compromised to mitigate the effects of future GW…

Business/governments of the west are scared witless with the consequences resulting from peaking oil to capitalism: negative growth (= endless recession).

We are nearing the end of the industrial age; the four horsemen of the apocalypse are saddling their steeds and world readying to rid the human parasite.

We live in a world of indifference and without empathy towards our fellow humans and so much needless and deliberate suffering and death (650,000+ Iraqi civilians, Somalia etc, etc!).

Quick reduction of the 6.6 billion population is about to take place (decreasing fossil fuels = shrinking carrying capacity) thus making the effects of GW insignificant in comparison.

Peak oil is being wrapped in GW clothing making it a less bitter pill to swallow: disengage from the mainframe, spend some time and critically appraise information - look deeper… don’t believe what you are being told by the media.