Fossil Free Scotland Event

Creating a Fossil Free Scotland: Activist Gathering
10:00-18:00, Saturday 6 February
Methodist Church, Nicholson Square, Edinburgh

No Fracking Way Gathering Falkirk- Don't make the Kelpies cry

As part of national No Fracking Way events across the UK there was a gathering at Falkirk Steeple this Sunday, 31 January at 10am. Organised by Scotland Against Fracking from Falkirk.  Facebook page at: No Fracking Way Gathering Scotland Falkirk


New Year Garden Make Over

On the second weekend of the Year Fiona and Norman treated the Friends of the Earth Falkirk Bean Row Garden to a well needed tidy up. With last years crops harvested and most of the plants passed their best we composting the old greenery and weeded the veg plots. 

While tidying the beds we were surprised by how may potatoes were still in the ground after the Autumn harvest. Although a little misshapen they were still potatoes and we gleamed what was left. Fiona took the ones that looked like potatoes and Norman took the alien looking ones to make Random Tattie Soup. 

As usual while working in the garden we had some lovely conversations with people walking past the garden. One of the most rewarding aspects of community gardening is the community showing their appreciation for the work that we carry out. One of the conversations was with Susan, the owner of the newly opened Bean Row Pottery across from the garden. Susan offered us a cup of tea and explained her plans for a garden in the courtyard of her shop.
Now that the garden is looking presentable we will look at a more permanent way to try and stop the local dogs pooping in the garden. Despite the three dog waste posters on our fence we still have a poop problem. Perhaps the dogs can't read but we were hoping their owners might have taken more responsibility.
In Spring we will dig over the plot and plant the crops required for our annual Soup and Stovies Day in August. 

Friends of the Earth Falkirk - Rooted in Falkirk   


Video from the Streets of Paris

Friends of the Earth Falkirk was represented on the streets of Paris when Norman joined the FoE Scotland coach from Edinburgh to Paris to take part in events on the last weekend of the UN Climate Change Talks.
Take a look at a video from the streets of Paris  on YouTube: