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Josh Fox, the director of the award winning Gas Lands, brings his new film to Scotland at the end of his UK Tour. On Monday 17th October Josh will introduce his film at two Odeon screenings in Edinburgh - Wester Hailes @ 6 pm & Glasgow - Springfield Quay @ 8.30pm.

see the Trailer here


25 08 16 Soup and Stovies

Soup and Stovies 2016
A celebration of local food and community gardening. 

Bean Row Potato, Sweet Potato, Carrot. Bean Row Onion
Haggis Stovies
Bean Row Potato, Vegetarian Haggis, Turnip
Rhubarb Crumble 
Bean Row Rhubarb, Crumble, Soya Cream
     Fairtrade Tea and Coffee 

Before this years Soup and Stovies meal Friends of the Earth Falkirk had a stall on the High Street during the Falkirk Charities Day. The stall had fresh lavender from our Arnot Street Community Garden which we handed out to local residents. The stall promoted our community gardens, local food, bee friendly gardening and provided information on Unconventional Gas. Hopefully there will be a few new community gardens after the enthusiastic discussions we had on the high street. 

This years Soup and Stovies was our 5th community meal on our community Garden. Despite the rain a tasty three course meal was served up. Each course had at least one ingredient from our Bean Row Garden, just off Falkirk High Street, where the meal was served.

I provided the soup using potatoes and onions harvested the week before when he welcomed visitors to our community garden to take part in the harvest. Traditionally the soup has beans as a main ingredient but for some unknown reason our bean plants weren’t good this year. 

Jean provided the main course, and despite not been able to attend the event in person, she surpassed all expectations with, in my humble opinion, the best stovies ever. They were a Burn’s Supper of a stovies which were just perfect for a wet and windy evening. With the main ingredient of stovies being potatoes it is the perfect dish for the potatoes literally grown under the feet of the diners. 

The Bean Row rhubarb at the corner of the garden can sometimes be harvested be local interest before we can harvest it for ourself. Luckily this year we had a healthy harvest and Neil turned the fresh rhubarb into a very tasty rhubarb crumble. As the crumble was made to a vegan recipe the dish was served with a soya cream so that everyone at the meal was able to share all the dishes together. 

Norman Philip
Local Group Co-ordinator


Soup and Stovies Meal at our Bean Row Garden Saturday 20 August 4.30 to 6pm

The Friends of the Earth Falkirk Soup and Stovies Community Meal will be held at the later time of 4.30 to 6pm on Saturday 20 August, after the Charities Day on Falkirk High Street. Meet at our community garden on Bean Row for Soup and Stovies with produce from the Bean Row Garden itself.  Food will provided on a first come first served basis and Fairtrade Tea and Coffee will be available throughout.

Come celebrate our harvest!



Norman Philip and Tina Rothery outside the FoE Scotland AGM, Glasgow

 Message from Friends of The Earth Climate and Energy Campaigner
Dear Friends,
I’m writing to ask for messages of solidarity with Tina Rothery a UK fracking activist who is in court on Friday 24th June, facing a possible prison sentence.
What are we asking you to do?
We would like to get lots of messages of solidarity for Tina from anti-fracking groups around the world. What we’re asking you to do is very simple:
·         take a photo of you or your group holding a sign reading #IamTinaRothery and (if possible) your name and which country you’re from
·         next Thursday (June 23rd), get it out on social media – tweet it, post it on Facebook etc – with a message something like
In solidarity with UK #fracking activist @tinalouiseUK #IamTinaRothery
We support #fracking activist @tinalouiseUK against draconian lawsuit from @CuadrillaUK #IamTinaRothery
Who is Tina?
Tina Rothery is a grandmother, one of the Lancashire Nanas and a leading light in the UK anti-fracking movement. She is an inspirational speaker and a force of nature as a campaigner. Some of you might have met her at the Paris event in December. 
What is this about?
In summer 2014, Tina and other Nanas camped for 3 weeks in a field in Lancashire that Cuadrilla had earmarked for fracking. They left of their own accord, but Cuadrilla is still pursuing her for £55,342.37 in court costs for an eviction that didn’t actually happen. That’s about 70,000 euros, US $78,000, AUS $106,000.
Tina cannot pay this, but that’s not the point. She doesn’t want the costs to be paid by anyone else or crowd-funded. She has decided that she will not pay as that would set a precedent. She risks being held in contempt of court and sent to prison, but she’s ready for that. If you want to know more about why Tina is taking this stand, see her blog here.
Please spread this message far and wide and, if you have any questions, please get in touch.
Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.
Tony Bosworth
Tony Bosworth | Climate & Energy CampaignerFriends of the Earth t. 0113 389 9958 
m. 07941 176642

Arnot Street Update- Bee Friendly Garden

We still have our garden at Arnot Street. With the demolition of the Old Polish Club there is still a risk that the wall at our garden will be removed and our garden will be a new entry to the development site. With the mature plants, grass and clover taking over the site the aim will be to promote the garden as a bee friendly garden over the summer,


Big Dig 2016

Friends of the Earth Falkirk
The Big Dig
Saturday 2nd April 2016
We were blessed with the weather at our Bean Row urban vegetable plot, and also by having a good number of our gardening group present - namely Norman, Fiona, Jean, Simon and Sandra - for the Big Dig 2016.   
We cleared the plot of the remains of last year’s crops and removed several stray foxgloves from the garden. Jean informed us that foxgloves are poisonous and therefore have no place amongst our food crops. They were relocated to the flower border where they may help to control the rampant crocosmia …
Once the soil had been turned over we planted potatoes, red onions, garlic, and of course, our signature beans. These will all be used to produce food for our Soup and Stovies Day in August, so here’s hoping for agreeable growing conditions over the summer and helping hands to remove the weeds.
Many passers-by stopped to chat and offer gardening tips and, as ever, we enjoyed talking about our successful vegetable plot and our other Falkirk gardens at Arnot Street, Kings Court and outside Asda in Newmarket Street.
At lunchtime, refreshments were provided by Norman, including vegan oat biscuits, Fairtrade tea and coffee and his delicious homemade spicy sweet potato, carrot and potato soup.
During the morning Ellisa from the U’ve Pulled cafĂ© across from the garden brought us much appreciated teas and coffees, and we were also supported by offers from Susan and Stuart from the Bean Row Pottery. We are delighted and proud to be part of the Bean Row community.