The Fourth and Final Garden gets under way

The fourth, the biggest and the final Friends of the Earth Falkirk community garden got its initial turn over on Saturday 22nd October. The Bean Row garden is south facing and will enable to group to grow food, demonstrate composting and provide plants for the other three gardens.

The reason the Garden needed some TLC


Work started on Community Garden in Kings Court

With the negotiations with the owner of the land Friends of the Earth Falkirk have been given permission to maintain two town centre gardens. The Kings Court Garden (pictured) is a dark area where litter has been a long term issue. A litter pick on Sunday cleared a collection of fast food wrappers, bottles and cans. The hope is that if a community garden can be established the litter can be reduced.

Our final community garden will be developed on Bean Row, just round the corner. This will be a good space to grow flowers and food. Work will start on the both gardens over the next couple of weeks to get it in shape for planting after the winter.

Clean Zone Sign on Orphan Land Garden

Our Clean Zone sign which explains that Friends of the Earth Falkirk have adopted the Arnot Street Garden has been put up on our garden wall. The sign has been provide by Falkirk Council Litter Strategy Team as part of our involvement in their Orphan Land Pilot Project.