Big Ask Climate Change Debate

On Friday 4 April, Friends of the Earth Falkirk welcomed Stuart Hay, head of campaigns at FoE Scotland and Eric Joyce, Falkirk West MP to a debate on climate change to launch the Big Ask day of action the following day.
The event started with a presentation from Stuart on climate change and how we need tough legislation to prevent the situation spiralling out of control in the future.
This was followed by a lively discussion with Mr Joyce. Members of the local group were saddened to hear of his great enthusiasm for nuclear power and how the present government sees nuclear as the only way in which we can fight climate change rather than investing in renewables and a reduction in consumption.
Everyone present agreed that the key to solving emissions problems lies in changing mindsets and education.
The evening ended with the group handing over postcards to Mr Joyce from his constituents asking him to vote in favour of a tough climate change bill.

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chunkysimon said...

It sound like an interesting evening- I was sorry to miss it. I wonder if we can turn the tide against nuclear. I know that it looks like a quick fix- or something we could do in the short term. But at the end of the day we will be consigning the problem of nuclear waste and decommissioning to our children's generation.