Bean Row Urban Community Garden- The Big Dig

The weather forecast hadn't been promising but the day dawned mild and dry, perfect conditions for our 2018 Big Dig. We dug over the dormant soil, weeding and tidying as we went along, and prepared the soil for the planting of our potatoes and broad beans.

There was some discussion about the use of chicken pellets to fertilise the garden, but with gentle persuasion from Jean, and the addition of the rich brown earth from our very own on-site compost bin, our vegan principles were pacified!

Jean had chitted some early Rocket potatoes along with main crop Pink for Apple and Maris Piper. Norman dug a trench parallel to the fence and carried out the honours. Sandra prepared an area adjacent to the potatoes where she planted the broad beans - all the planting being carried out under the guidance of experienced gardener Jean.

We then split the crown of the rhubarb and removed the section nearest the wall to prevent the roots from becoming restricted by the barrier.

Norman had very kindly brought tea, coffee and scones which were most welcome at this point, and sustained us long enough to tidy the rest of the garden.

As ever, we enjoyed chatting with passers-by who stopped to ask about our endeavours, we are always pleased to be able to show what can be accomplished in our urban vegetable plot. 


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