Air Quality Figures for Falkirk

The, now annual, revelation from Friends of the Earth Scotland in the Sunday Herald of the most polluted streets does not have a Falkirk street in either of the top ten worst offenders for NO2 or for Particular matter. see link to Sunday Herald article here. Emilia Hanna, Air Quality Campaigner at Friends of the Earth Scotland have provided us with more detail from the results to enable us to explore the air quality issues in Falkirk.

A polluting, often gridlocked, stretch of Falkirk streets should be no surprise to Falkirk drivers. Main Street, Bainsford is the 12th biggest polluter in Scotland for Particulate Matter at 15.5 micrograms per cubic metre The street which leads to Main Street on the way into and out of Falkirk to the North is Graham's Road, the 16th biggest polluter for Particulate Matter at 14.5 micrograms per cubic metre. As the road gets narrower on Main Street the concentration is higher.

West Bridge, Falkirk has regularly been recorded within the worst offenders and is currently sitting at the 15th biggest NO2 polluter in Scotland. hardly a situation the town can be proud of.

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