Food for Thought Food Festival

As promised at the food event I had thought of some films I wanted everyone to see to introduce some organisations and some food concepts. Below you will see links to organisations and films. Click on the hyperlinks at your own leisure and watch in the comfort of your home when every you like.      Enjoy and Learn!

Its the season to be organic

Food for Thought Film Festival

Introduction to Nourish Scotland     

Introduction to The Fife Diet 
https://vimeo.com/47484452      11.37 mins

Why does Fairtrade mean sustainable trade?
http://youtu.be/i2em5C5pJtw      3.29mins
There is a lot of talk about sustainability at the moment, but what impact can Fairtrade have in building a sustainable future for us all? Watch their animation to find out more …

La Via Campesina in Movement… Food Sovereignty now!
An introduction to Via Campesina, the international peasant movement

Soil Association- Earth Worm   https://youtu.be/iOakParsq34   0.54mins
Friends of the Earth Falkirk Community Gardens
An introduction to the four community gardens cared for by Friends of the Earth Falkirk music: Karine Polwart- Daisy, hope films 2013- 3.27 mins http://youtu.be/wRrNebnOSUY 
Big Dig 2013 http://youtu.be/F0Pq7-uMUDc
hope films music: Tunng- It Breaks 2013- 2.24 mins! 


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