Save Jim's Farm Save the Greenbelt

Friends of the Earth Midlothian had a stall at the Save Jim's Farm solidarity day at Damhead, just outside Edinburgh. The farm is under threat from planning developments which threaten the loss of agricultural land for and inappropriate development including housing, a film studio and a power station. We have so little agricultural land left we can't afford to loose any more. Especially near our capital city. Read more and sign the petition of support here

Julian Holbrook, Damhead and District Community Councillor called for action to maintain and encourage local and sustainable food systems that provide livelihoods and jobs linked to the land and community. “This is about land, food and people. What we need to see is a collective action to establish the Edinburgh Food Belt that links farmers, community, consumers and the food and drinks sector. However, it is essential to protect the foundation of existing good quality farmland and existing farmers to see this ambitious and exciting idea established.”

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