Meat Free Mondays

Meet free Mondays- take action once a week

On Tuesday 23 September world leaders are gathering in New York to discuss climate change. The first time the UN has tackled the subject since 2009.
Friends of the Earth EWNI are working with other organisations to get as many people as possible to pledge to go meat free for one day a week. This simple step will show world leaders that we’re serious about reducing global emissions.
Did you know?
Livestock production is responsible for over 14.5% of global greenhouse gases
75% of agricultural land is used to raise animals for food
Every hour an area of rainforest the size of 100 football pitches is cut down to create room for grazing cattle
Eating less meat is an easy way to reduce our climate impact and anyone can do it. Already vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian? You can still sign the pledge to show your support. 
Worried about what to eat? Download our Eat Smart Pack full of handy tips and advice or invest in a delicious vegetarian cook book.

There was an agreement at our September meeting to produce a FoE Falkirk leaflet to promote Meat Free Monday, or vegan Monday for vegetarians to promote this initiative in Falkirk.

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