Donations to the Orphan Garden

Before the June meeting of Foe Falkirk some of the group meet at the community garden to tidy up the garden. A local resident came to the garden and asked Jessica if we worked for the council. When she said, "no- we are volunteers with Friends of the Earth Falkirk", the gentleman handed over a bag of alcohol. He stated his flat looked over the garden and he appreciates the effort the group has made. That night we also got a donation of wild strawberries from Ronnie, a mutual friend of some of the group.

Later that same week we were donated flowers from Hannia at the Litter Strategy Team. They needed to be planted the evening we got them and we needed water to give them a chance to survive the hot spell we were experiencing. As previously mentioned in the blog there is a local resident with a tap in his garage behind the garden who has shown an interest in the garden. Norman went and spoke to him and we were able to water the new additions the garden. When the man came round he explained that he had already chased someone who had been helping them self to our plants. He didn't give much hope for our new plants not been stolen. Unfortunately some of the new plants have disappeared but there is still plenty of colour to keep the garden looking great.

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