Secret Penguin Competition

Colony of miniature penguins descends on Scotland Pocket a Penguin today – Save the Human tomorrow. A colony of climate-refugee penguins set off from Scotland’s capital on a brave mission to carry their message of ‘Save the Human’ across the country.
The pocket-sized model penguins are launching a competition with Friends of the Earth Scotland to call on all politicians to pass a strong Scottish Climate Change Bill.
Fifty of the threatened birds are heading to secret locations around the country, five
to the Falkirk area, and are to be found splashing in city centre fountains, enjoying
scenic vistas from on high, or pronouncing their message in busy high streets.
Those lucky enough to befriend a penguin – all individually named – can log onto
www.pocketapenguin.org.uk to find out more about the penguins’ plight - and our own.
They will also have the opportunity to enter a fabulous prize for a bicycle worth £300 from
the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative’s ‘Revolution’ range.

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