Carbon Capture and Storage

Friends of the Earth groups in Fife and Falkirk welcome the UK
government announcement on 23/4/09 to expand fitting of carbon capture
and storage equipment from one UK coal fired power station to several.
This should mean Longannet becomes one of the first power stations to
be fitted. Given the will this equipment could be fitted to Longannet
by 2013 and, with additional equipment Scottish Power is already
proposing to fit to reduce acid rain emissions, this should provide a
future for the site beyond 2015.

Longannet is not the only large greenhouse gas emitter in the area and
the opportunity should be taken to ensure that the system can
accommodate emissions from Grangemouth at the same time.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this engineering will
provide the UK with the opportunity to become a world leader in
producing the equipment for carbon capture and storage, which would
secure long-term jobs in the UK.

We call on all those with power and influence to ensure the equipment
is fitted to Longannet rapidly and made suitable for Grangemouth to get
economies of scale.

Norman Philip

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