January meeting

The first FoE Falkirk meeting of the year will be at the usual venue but on Monday and not the usual Wednesday. The group will now meet on the last MONDAY of the month at the Christian Centre, Glebe Street, Falkirk 7.30 to 9.30.

There will be a showing of either "Crude Impact" or "Who Killed the Electric Car"

All welcome.

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chunkysimon said...

I cheered myself up in the New Year by watching Crude Impact, the Rob Newman Documentary - 100 years of oil and a film on peak oil in Cuba.
My cousin David Phillip gave us these “homeburned” DVD’s. In turns depressing, interesting, and hopeful (eventually). They are all documentaries on the dire state of the world’s oil resources in relation to increasing demand and dropping supply. Crude Impact really focuses on America, Rob Newman looks at the political background for all the current world difficulties, and the Cuba film looks at their society after it’s experience of losing any oil supply.
The message to take away is that oil is running out- this will cause massive worldwide problems, and we need to make changes now to minimise the difficulties later. My cousin is moving to a sustainable village project.
Cuba’s experience was to move to an agrarian economy- I canny see us having as much of a range in Scotland- it's oats and potatoes for us!