Changing the world one gift at a time

The Freecycle network was established to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. In under four years it has grown from a community project based in Tucson to a worldwide network of nearly three thousand eight hundred locally organised groups with over two and a half million members. It works by providing a mailing list in which members can offer unwanted items, other members or groups can then arrange to take these. As well as reducing waste it can save you money both in items found on the list and in special waste collection fees it also provides a network for building local communities.

The essential rule for all Freecycle groups is that everything offered has to be given freely.

Once you’ve joined the list the mechanics are simple. When you have something you no longer want, check the guidance notes that it’s acceptable to your local group then post an OFFER to the list. If you see something offered you want then contact the offerer and if it’s still available arrange collection. Once the arrangement is made the offerer posts a TAKEN note back to the list. It requires no more knowledge than the ability to read and respond to an email and that simplicity and it’s locality is what makes it all work.

Joining the list couldn’t be easier, point your web browser at the uk network home
uk.freecycle.org or at www.freecycle.org and follow the links to find your local freecycle group.

Alternatively for those in the forth valley area the following groups are available.
Falkirk –
Stirling –
Edinburgh –
Glasgow –

Just go to the website and select Join, you can then choose to receive messages by email, as a convenient daily digest or just read them on the web. The rules of each group may vary a little, these are local groups run by local moderators, giving there own time to make freecycle work. Read through the welcome emails and the rules and jump in.

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Buster said...

falkirkfreecycle is closed. Theres a new Recycling site in falkirk at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FalkirkReCycle